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Nudist children gather for Christmas celebrations, teens body paint, and adults dance.

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Christmas Jamboree

A special day for the hundred of so teens, followed by the young at heart, who lined up to be greeted by Santa Claus. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

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Christmas Party

Tis the season for the kids to be jolly. Santa, dancing, musical chairs. Huge turnout. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

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Festival of Masks

True Mardi Gras atmosphere where the only things worn are masks. Wall-to-wall revelers. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

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Happy Birthday Petra

Vlasta and David have gathered together a very lively group of Petra's friends to celebrate her 10th birthday.(Running Time: 60 minutes)

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Happy Nude Year

A New Years Eve gathering for the record book. A rip-roaring good time. Huge turnout.(Running Time: 60 minutes)

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Holiday Youth Party

Young people really know how to party, but it was even more fun when everyone was invited to join in. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

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Ivana Kupala
This night long celebration centers around a bonfire with plenty of food and dancing. An ancient Pagan tradition designed to improve crop fertility is enjoyed these days by many Russians as a cultural link to their past. Thanks toRussia's infamous, White Nights, celebrants only have a couple of dark hours to bask in the glow of the fire. The sun never really sets this time of year in St. Petersburg.(Running Time: 60 minutes)
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Masquerade Carnival
Mardi Gras naturist-style. Pose-down for best makeup and "costumes". Energetic. (Running Time: 60 minutes)
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Body Painting 93

Happy group of naturists create colorful designs using each other as living canvases. Festive afternoon. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

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