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Nudist guys get together for athletic competitions, workouts, and outdoor fun in these Naturist DVDs

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Athletic Scenes

This video features the best of the male athletic scenes from the following five videos. These guys build a pyramid, jump rope, race, and competed in a variety of other outdoor contests. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00  DVD





Czech Mates

The guys train for an informal posing contest. An active healthy gathering with an experienced trainer providing tips on exercise and physical conditioning. all male. (this used to be titled: Mandate Pose Off) (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$70.00  DVD



Naturist Olympiada

In honor of the Atlanta-based Olympic games, this large and enthusiastic group exhibited their own athletic abilities. (Running Time: 90 minutes)

$60.00  DVD


Sun-Fit Competitions

Physical prowess is on display as throngs of participants light up the gym with an outpouring of energy. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$50.00  VHS


Europa Swimming Pool

Happy-go-lucky day of swim races interspersed with 3-meter springboard diving and springboard leaping. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00  DVD

Sport Rally

Come one, come all. Huge turnout. Calisthenics, ball games, team competitions. Variety galore. (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00  DVD


Sunny Days Funny Plays

The Crimea is once again host to dozens of naturist families, who gather each summer on the Black Sea shores to soak up the sun and play their holidays away without clothes and without a care in the world. The uncomplicated character of these naturists lends itself perfectly to a blend of good humor and childlike fun that will enchant you over and over as you watch in amazement these Sunny Days and Funny Plays! (Running Time: 60 minutes)

$60.00 DVD







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